DTS, visas, and outreach…

So here we are on week 10 of this current DTS.

We are finally coming to the end of what has been a very wet and rainy winter and are looking forward to the summer sun!

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster for us over the last couple of months. Alongside being staff on the DTS, we have been going through the process of applying for visas to stay in the country. After talking to various people who have done this before, and praying about it, we decided that we would apply for a Religious Workers Work Visa for Nai and Ben would apply for a Partnership Visa(which is a visa granted based on the visa your ‘partner’ holds). Without getting into too many details here(though feel free to ask if you would like to know more!), these options work best for both Justice Reach, as the organisation that has to sponsor the Religious Workers visa, and us, as it gives us a reasonable amount of flexibility with what we can do here.

The whole process turned out to be more complex, took longer, and was more expensive than we imagined, but we finally managed to send off both our visa applications this week! Please pray with us that both applications will go through Immigration New Zealand quickly and smoothly, and we will have the legal right to stay in New Zealand for the next two years.

As part of every DTS we spend the last 2 months on outreach. For this school, we will be leading a team of 4 students to Cambodia and Thailand! For those of you who remember back to last year for our dts, we went to the same two countries on outreach then and we are excited to be taking a team back there this time and reconnecting with some people we saw then. One of the ministries we will be working with is Hard Places Community . They work alongside vulnerable people at high risk of being trafficked and we are excited to be supporting their ministry and working alongside them.

Things have been exciting and busy. As always, it’s been an amazing honour to be able to watch the Holy Spirit mould, shape, challenge, convict, and reveal more of the Father to the DTS students over this school so far, and see them transformed more into the likeness of Christ. In these last two weeks of lecture phase, and then heading into outreach, we are full of faith that God wants to take them further and deeper with Him. He has great things planned to do with and through the students and also with us in the nations we are heading to.

As always thank you for all your support that enables us to be here and do what we are doing!

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