Here at the end of the Jan 2017 DTS!

Wow, so here we are at the end of another DTS!

This past DTS that officially ended a few weeks ago was the most unique DTS we have been involved with in a variety of ways. Not only did we have more responsibility for leading the whole DTS – stepping more fully into our role now as DTS Leaders – but we gave birth to a baby half way through the lecture phase!

It was probably one of the most crazy intense times of our lives. Learning two new roles at the same time, – parenting, and leading – both demanding a lot of us. Nai was up and busy with all things DTS every day until the last week before Alyssa was born. And then came up a couple of times a week after an initial 2 weeks completely off. Ben had two weeks off and then was back hard at it, leaving at 7.15am every morning and then not getting home until 10 or 11pm some nights! It was exhausting emotionally,physically and mentally.
Thankfully God is always gracious and faithful to us, and although there were many challenges, He walked us through every step of the way.

So as DTS Leaders…

We jumped into this kind of unaware of all That really went into a DTS, having only been on staff before, not leading. But soon learnt as we went along the task of running a DTS, the amount of organisation and detail that goes into every day! It takes a whole lot of commitment, organisational and pastoral skills, and supernatural grace and energy!

As with anything new, we were stretched in many expected and unexpected ways. One specific way was the challenge of walking with two of the students as we waited to see their money come in to allow them to pay their fees for outreach. The reality was that if their money didn’t come in before outreach they wouldn’t be able to go and we would have to make that decision. But we believed, and they believed, that God had called them here for this school and that He would provide all they need. So over the weeks leading up to outreach we met regularly with them, we prayed with them, and believed with them, and we watched as God provided every last dollar that they needed!!
Although the money may not have come in the timing we wanted it to, it came in God’s timing and exactly when it was needed to allow them still to go on outreach!! God is always faithful!

On being a parent…

So, where to start with parenting!! Life will never be the same!
These first few months of Alyssa’s life have been first and foremost a joy to us both. She has brought so much joy to us every time she smiles, giggles, or even just looks at us! She is an incredible gift of God to us!
It’s also brought on a lot of sleepless nights, and tiredness for the first couple of months(thankfully she sleeps a lot better at night these days!)
One of the things she particularly enjoyed in the last couple of days was getting to go out and watch the Lion vs All Blacks games that were being shown in the evenings on a big screen in town as part of the Lions series!

Check out the next blog to hear about how this DTS outreach went….