Justice Streams

We’ve been having some great sessions on various justice topics throughout this DTS.

But its been great to start that all off with discussing together what God’s heart is, what mercy and justice is and what we think our role as Christians in all of these issues is.
The topics we’ve looked into so far have been Genocide, Child soldiers, Human trafficking, Abortion, Foster Care, Persecuted Church, Refugees and forced labour. It’s been really good to facilitate these times for discussion and learning about these various issues. “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” Through these times we’re able to equip the students more to be part of the change! These times aren’t just about informing them but encouraging them to think and pray about what God would have them involved in, to bring justice to those areas,situations,and people. We’ve had some great people in to talk including a lady who works with child soldiers in Africa, another lady who has put together after care programs for organisations such as International Justice Mission, and Nai was also a speaker along with another DTS staff member for one of the times. They spoke on refugees, and shed insight on an issue that is such a hot topic at the moment and one that needs our attention as we face this issue head on. All these times have been growing the students desire to see God’s justice and light brought to the darkness, and to be used by Him in that.
These times have also fuelled our intercession times. As each week we have a different topic for intercession for 1hr on Wednesday and 1hr on Friday. We’ve spent those times praying for people caught up in these different situations, asking God for specific names and places to pray for. Standing in the gap and crying out to God on their behalf. We’ve had some really encouraging times of prayer where God has really specifically directed us and through prayer we’ve caught more of God’s heart for these people.
As Justice Reach we also have a strong connection with a local foster care agency. We have a time of intercession for them each week as they update us on ways to pray for them. We’ve also been able to support and serve them in various practical ways like helping a family move house. Also we put on two Christmas parties, one for this foster care agency and one for the local governmental foster care department. It was a great opportunity for the students and us all to serve and bless these groups. Also learning about the extreme vulnerability of children in foster care and the risk they’re at to falling into some of these injustices.