What does our week look like at the moment??

We thought some of you would be interested to know what our week looks like at the moment…

At this time, leading up to the next DTS that starts in January 2018, we have been busy in preparation for the school. As we have previously mentioned, this will be the first DTS that we have completely led and organised ourselves. So Tuesday, Wednesday’s, and Thursdays each week is spent planning, preparing, researching, discussing, praying, deciding, organising, emailing, etc. All things to organise and shape the DTS and making it happen. Over the last couple of months amongst other things, we’ve been planning staff training, student orientation week, finding speakers, planning activities, and developing media and promotional materials. During these 3 days we also have a few regular meetings with other Justice Reach staff about the DTS.

Having these few months to be able to do all this has been a huge blessing to us. Not having to just roll into another DTS, with only a short break between schools, and try to work all these things out alongside running the DTS, has been great.

On Monday’s and Friday’s each week we spend the day up at the lodge where Justice Reach is based, and where we run our DTS’s. Monday starts with a meeting of all the Justice Reach staff and time spent praying together, and then the rest of Monday and all day Friday are spent doing practical jobs around the place. From cleaning and tidying the place, to bigger outdoor projects such as setting up a area for a vegetable garden, digging trenches for water drainage when it rains, or helping build a wood shed, all of which we’ve been doing recently. We want to look after the place God has given us as a ministry, and keep it in the best condition it can be.

Obviously alongside all this we haven’t forgotten Alyssa! She does her best to help us out with ideas and plans, but most of it comes across as blowing raspberry’s or babbling while chewing on something! She seems happy with that though!

It’s definitely been a challenge working out how to best care for Alyssa whilst also trying to get the work done that we need to. There’s so many decisions/discussions/plans that we need to make together, and although it’s taken a while we seem to be getting more into the swing of things now and have a better rhythm of one of us looking after her when she’s awake, while the other one of us works, and then both of us working together on DTS planning while she is napping or sleeping in the evenings. It’s pretty busy!

Please pray for us for strength, energy and wisdom.

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