Here we go!

So this is it! The DTS starts tomorrow.

Hard to believe that after awhile of talking about it, the real thing is happening! We finished our second week of staff training on Thursday, when had a really great time of praying for the students, praying for each other and worshipping. We had some time of prayer, surrendering our fears/ worries about the next 5 months, to God. It was such a good time of laying a foundation of prayer and worship for this DTS and really being united as staff in that.
Nai Baking
Friday we spent cleaning the base and generally doing last minute things to get ready for the student’s arrival. Nai has been working hard preparing welcome packs for the students and baking lots of cookies, and doing general welcome/homely/hospital things for them! During the past week Ben has become one of the fire wardens (think he’s loving the title!) for the base, and attended a 3 and half hour fire training session, and has a full day of fire extinguisher training coming up one Saturday soon. He has passed an hour driving test to become one of the approved drivers on the base(The YWAM base policy is that everyone has to pass an online driving theory test, then do a set amount of driving with an approved driver, and then pass a practical test before being allowed to drive students around).
The students have been arriving all through the weekend and we’ve been making multiple town trips to the bus stop and the airport to pick up different students at all sorts of times during the day. There are 40 students arriving for this DTS and the base has been slowly changing from feeling quiet, and fairly empty with only the staff around for the past two weeks, to a loud, and excited, sound of people all ready to jump into whatever the next 5 months have for them. We start tomorrow with a week of orientation for the students and spending time getting to know each other.
It’s so exciting finally getting to meet the students we’ve been praying for, and waiting for, for the past two weeks. And super exciting getting to know people and then waiting to see how God is going to mould them and shape them over the next 5 months. It’s gonna be great.
Please pray for the students and for us as we support them on this crazy journey! More prayer points on our prayer page.

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