Ka mura, Ka muri

“Ka mura, Ka muri” is a Maori proverb that roughly translated means “Walking backwards into the future”.
The idea behind this is that we are all walking through life backwards. We can’t see the future just as we can’t see where we are going when we are walking backwards. Instead, we look to the past to inform the way we move into the future.

When we look back over 2016 we are blown away by how faithful God has been to us. He has given us the grace, strength and energy to do everything that has been put in front of us. He has led us, and provided for us to travel to 7 different countries spending around 126 hours in the air on planes. We have spent the majority of the year living in community with up to 50 people at a time, helping to disciple, mentor, encourage, and facilitate the running of schools that students from all over the world can come to and discover more of who God is, who they are in light of who He is, and experience sharing that with the world, specifically in the context of standing up against injustices in the world.

We have been able to lead teams to bless, share the gospel, and show the practical and relational love of the Father to Jews, Arabs, the homeless, and holocaust survivors, amongst others, in Israel, worked with vulnerable children in Cambodia who are at high risk of being abused or trafficked, spent time in Thailand working with Nightlight, a ministry that works in the red-light district of Bangkok to address the lack of opportunity for women trapped in Bangkok’s sex trade by providing them with a viable alternative means for supporting themselves and to introduce the love, mercy and healing power of Jesus Christ.

One thing we realise from looking back over the past year, and thinking about 2017, is that we will need an increase in the area of regular financial support. This next year will have all the same cost as last year, but added on, amongst other things, will be the extra costs involved in having a new baby, renting our own place (as staying where we are with a new born is pretty impractical), and extra transport costs of travelling between our own place and Justice Reach, where we will be most days.

We fully believe that God will provide for us again this coming year as He always has and always will. He is faithful. We believe we are where He wants us to be at this time in our lives and as we seek first His kingdom He will provide what we need. However God asks us to work alongside Him, to be His hands and feet. And part of us playing our part is to do what we can to raise awareness and support.

There are so many of you reading this who have generously and sacrificially given to us financially. Your kind support has allowed us to be here. It has been part of allowing the Discipleship Training School’s to run, it has seen lives dramatically changed, as we were able to be here to help lead the schools.

If anyone reading this feels they want to be able to financially support us here in what we do, with any donation from as small as £/$10 a month to £/$100 a month, or more, we would be so grateful for your willingness to partner with us. Your willingness to give would bless so many people and see many young people’s lives changed.

If you are interested, please head over to our financial support page, by clicking here.

Thank you again, everyone for all your support! We love and appreciate you all!