Next DTS and training week in Queenstown

We’ve been working hard on preparing for the next DTS.

With us joining with another YWAM base here in Tauranga, there are lots of things to figure out administrationally as to how we bring things together and all the practical things. As well as all the normal things.

Nai has been working on updating the content on our Justice Reach website so if you want to read more of our heart and vision for DTS and what that looks like please head over to and check it out!

For January we currently have one member of staff and a few students in the process of applying. Please pray for staff and students.

In August we were really blessed to go to a week of training specifically for DTS leaders in Queenstown here in NZ. It was run by the International DTS team with several sessions/seminars a day and in the evening.

This was such a beneficial time for us, to be able to connect with people doing the same thing, to network, encourage, share ideas and resources as well as to receive the training and input of the international DTS directors. It was a good time of going back over basics as well as new insight.

There was a lot of focus on vision and the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of DTS which is particularly helpful to reestablish foundations and make sure our focus is right in what and how we’re delivering.

It was a refreshing time for us and we feel re-envisioned to press into this new season.

Also Queenstown is a beautiful place to be in and we were glad for some time to explore a little and just have a change of scenery.