Outreach location announcement…

One thing that has been going on since the start of the DTS is that we have been praying about and deciding where we should be taking the students on outreach for this DTS.

After a couple of weeks of praying and talking together as a group of leaders, we believe that God has lead us to take the students in 3 teams to 3 different locations (email us for locations). And, again, after a lot of prayer and talking about it, we believe that God has lead Nai and I to lead(with one of the other members of staff, named Sarah)to a location you can email us about!
This isn’t somewhere we expected to be going when we came here as South East Asia is the area that Justice Reach usually takes teams to on outreach, but this time, one of the first things God challenged us about during prayer was to think outside the box in regards to where he wanted to take the students this DTS. So this is a new adventure for Justice Reach as well as us, and over the last few weeks God has been growing in us a heart for the people of this place and what He wants to do through us during our time there!
So we are excited to follow Him even though it’s something completely different to what we expected. We are still in the process of arranging all the details, and organising exactly which ministries we will be working with while we are there, but we are growing in excitement for what God has in store for us as a team.
After we had decided the outreach locations and number of teams it was time for the students to decide which team they would be on. The way we did this was to give the students opportunity to hear from God about where he wanted them to go. But rather than give them the locations and asking them to decide we wrote down 3 made-up words and 3 shapes on the whiteboard and asked them to ask and wait on God and see what word or shape he wanted them to write down on a piece of paper and hand in. Each shape and word related to a pre-determined location that we already decided on. One shape and one word represented one of the locations we had decided on. After everyone had handed in their papers we counted up the teams and discovered there was 14 people who had either chosen the shape or word that related to our location. Now this was more people than we were expecting, and not an even split between the 3 teams. So to confirm this was what God wanted we got the student to go away for 15mins and pray again and make sure they were happy with their choice. When we counted up this time we found that there were a group of people who had made a different choice than the first time, but, apart from one, they had all chosen the corresponding shape or word that related to the same location. So that was a great confirmation that these were the teams that God wanted.
So, in mid-January we will be taking a team of 13 students to this place for 7 weeks. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited to be there, to see what God’s doing there, to see how God wants to work through us there, to receive something of God’s heart for the people of this country. But also a little apprehensive about leading a team in another country for the first time, especially in a country we have never been to. But we know this is where God is taking us for these 7 weeks, so we trust that he will equip us for all that He has in store for us!
As part of the preparation to go each team member(including us) needs to raise an extra NZD$900, as the outreach location is further away(and therefore a more expensive flight) than the outreach locations that the Justice DTS has been to in the past, and had budgeted for. During week 3 of this DTS when Darlene Cunningham spoke to us she talked of times when you find yourself in the place where you are a ‘candidate for a miracle’. Finding yourself in that place where you have nothing left you can rely on other than God’s intervention in a situation. Where you need a miracle. Well we are ‘candidates for a miracle’ with this extra money as we don’t currently have it and are trusting God to provide.
We’re so grateful for all of you who support us financially and prayerfully and are in this with us. (We especially want to thank the person/people that gave us an anonymous gift this past week!) Your support is invaluable to us and we feel incredibly blessed by it. So thank you all again!

p.s where we’re going isn’t really dangerous, its just for the ministries we’re working with we’ve been asked to not publicise.