How you can be a part of what we are doing

We are currently in the process of reviewing our financial support as we are really low on regular financial support at the moment.

We’ve been talking through our budget with our home church back in the UK and a few trusted others, and we are needing an increase of around…

£1000/NZ$2000 per month to our monthly support

This is, amongst other things, to be able to keep paying our regular monthly bills, one-off costs that come up such as renewing our visas, training courses to do with our work here, etc, and to be able to look at a slightly bigger more suitable place to live with a new baby on the way(!).

So that’s £230/$460 a week

We would just need 20 people to be giving £10/$20a week, 10 people giving £20/$40, or 5 giving £40/$80.
If being involved in what we do here by financially supporting us is something you would love to be involved in then please pray about it and contact us about giving. However much it may be.

And if giving regularly isn’t something you can do, here are some one-off costs we need to raise money for right now:

£500/$1000 – Application for renewed visas
£260/$500 – outstanding costs from DTS workshop
£70/$140 – upcoming YWAM NZ family gathering

We’ll update you next time on how the finances are going. Please feel free to contact us it you have any questions.
Thanks for your support!

US based supporters

Good news for all you Americans!

In the past we’ve had a few people who live in the US ask how they can regularly give to us and we’ve not had a simple/cheap way of that happening. However we now have access to an American bank account to make things easier for you to donate and support all we are involved with here.
If you are interested in giving please contact us and we’ll send you the account details!