Personal updates – Sept 2018

There’s a couple of different things happen for us at the moment.

As you know we are pregnant and we decided to find out this time if we’re having a boy or a girl!!

Well we’re very excited to be welcoming……. another little girl in November!
It will be really fun for them both to have a sister so close in age.

Mumma and baby are still doing well. Nai has a chesty cough at the moment and her iron levels have dropped quite a bit so please continue to pray for health for them both.


For the last 2 years we have been on Religious Workers visa which allows us to legally stay here in NZ. This month we have to reapply to renew our visas for another two years.

Thankfully it’s easier doing it the second time around. As a lot of the same paper work can be resubmitted, we just have to update some of it. It should also, theoretically, be easier getting accepted as we’ve already had one accepted.

We would really appreciate your prayers that the visas would all go through smoothly.

Photos – giving the people what they want!!

Thank you to all those who filled out our questionnaire we sent out a couple of months ago. There were a variety of suggestions that were given as to what people wanted to see more of from us.

So without further ado here’s one thing multiple questionnaires asked for….more photos!!!

Alyssa at her 18 month birthday party. We didn’t manage to celebrate her first birthday so we decided to celebrate her 1 and half year birthday!
The 3 of us before Alyssa’s birthday.
Nai at 31 weeks pregnant
Ben leading worship at church in NZ for the 1st time.