Baby time…

So let’s face it you mostly want to see pictures of our beautiful little girl! So we’ll indulge you!
But firstly a little story…

Many of you won’t know the journey it has been for us and particularly me, Nai, before Alyssa came.

I’m not going to go into the full story now but lets just say it was a wait and at times a hard wait! But what I wanted to share was how in this time God taught me a lot about trusting Him. Learning to trust His faithfulness and His timing. At first God took me on a journey of trusting Him in the timing of it not being now. And in that time I wrestled with God about many things, one being what His plan for me now was. Who am I and what does He have for me. All I wanted to be and do was a mumma!

So it was a time of learning more of my identity and what He wanted me to do now instead. One of the things was Him calling me to be a mother figure to students that God brought to us, caring, nurturing and investing in them. Another thing God spoke to me was about ‘my baby’ at that time being a prayer room at our base that He wanted me to carry, create, pour and pray into. God spoke to me many words for that place and what He wanted for that space etc. And the 3 main words He gave me were… ‘Joy’ ‘Life’ and ‘Hope’

Some of you have already figured it out!…

So later much to our delight Alyssa came along!! When we named her we looked into meanings etc and prayed about it and felt to go with Alyssa Eva Hope Clayfield! Alyssa – meaning Joy/dedicated to God, Eva – meaning Life, and Hope – meaning hope!

It was only a week later that I suddenly realised that the meanings of our baby’s name, were the same words God had given me for ‘my baby’ at that difficult time – the prayer room.
How cool is that! God wanted to create/birth Joy, Life and Hope in different ways at those different seasons in my life.

I’m so thankful that God meets us where we are at in every season of our lives and has very specific and relevant things He speaks to us and shows us. No stage in our lives is just a’waiting’ time in a sense, because He has something for us for every season we’re in.

And as promised…here’s a few photo’s of little Alyssa!!

work out
Alyssa getting ready for her work out session!
black and white
Keeping an eye on the camera
Mumma and daughter
Mumma and daughter
Happy in the sunshine!
Always wants to chew something!