Heartbreaking loss

On 31st March 2018 we were shocked and heartbroken when our beloved Dad and Grampy, Phil Clayfield, went to be with His Saviour.

It was so sudden and such a shock to us all. He hadn’t really been ill for long, in fact in true Phil nature he was up scaffolding painting at church a few weeks before he died.

He had been admitted to hospital with slight breathing difficulties a few weeks before and they were running tests. On Tuesday 27th March, he was diagnosed with cancer and told he had just a few weeks to live. With the help of dear friends we booked flights as soon as we could to arrive in the UK the following Tuesday, but he declined so rapidly. On Thursday 29th March he was told there was nothing that could be done and he would just be sent home from the hospital. On Friday 30th he was sent home and then the next day, 4 days after being diagnosed with cancer, he died in his favourite chair at home surrounded by family. – we arrived 3 days later, having hoped to get home in time to see him.

As heartbreaking and hard as this has been for us and the whole family, we are so incredibly thankful for his life and for the huge honour it was to have him as our Dad and Alyssa’s Grampy.

We are so grateful for all the support, prayers, and help from so many, people at Justice Reach who released us from the last 3 weeks of the lecture phase of DTS, all those who gave financially enabling us to be with family in England for 2 months, providing meals, cards, words of encouragement etc. We have felt so loved and supported by so many. Thank you.

We continue to walk this journey of grief and it still hurts. So much! The fact that our Dad is no longer around, the fact Alyssa doesn’t get to grow up spending time with him, is so painful.
It all makes the reality of being away from England, and our family, hit harder than ever before.
It hurts not having been able to be there in Dad’s final days, our hearts ache not being there to support Mum and be there with family. It’s so hard being disconnected from the places and people that are part of his life, the distance feels huge and the sacrifice great.

But we trust and know that God will take care of our family in England, and take care of us here. We hold onto the promise that God is Emmanuel and that He is unchanging, even when everything else feels like its changing.

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