So I’m definitely someone who loves home.
To me home has always looked like this; family, friends, place to cook/bake and enjoy yummy food, blankets, cosy sofas, candles, my creative stuff, space to call our own, space away from people and things just for Ben and me, a place to grow relationship with God and others, memories, love, rest, a space to talk and share life with others, fairy lights, photos, Moroccan style d├ęcor!, music, laughter, a space where God’s presence is.
I still have so many of those things, but some of those things that made me feel at ease, feel myself, feel part of ‘home’ aren’t here. And there’s not ungratefulness in writing this, but things have had to shift in my mind as I adjust to being away from these things, and no longer have; family close by, lifelong friends to pop in on us, a kitchen of my own to make food for Ben and others, all my cosy comforts and belongings right beside me, a place that has my design stamp on it, a place away from everything for Ben and me.
But as I try to adjust in my mind God speaks His comforting words…
“I AM HOME” “I’m your comfort, I’m your safe haven, I’m your shelter, I’m your Father, I’m your friend.” “In me you find rest, in me you find provision, in me you find joy, in me you find peace.” “In me you can be yourself”

I looked up the actual meaning of Home: the place where one lives permanently, dwelling place, habitation

In John 15 Jesus says “Abide in me and I will abide in you”

So being here is teaching me to lay down those things I associate with Home and find my Home in God.

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