July 2018

Dear Friends and Family,
We want to start off this blog by apologising for our lack of contact recently. We are so sorry.

Life recently has lead us to reflect on things a lot. And in that we’ve realized even more the importance of relationships, not just the people we are present with but the people we are connected with all over the world.
It’s a hard line to tread; trying to be fully present here, but also staying connected with so many of our loved ones.

It’s also hard to know quite how to communicate life, with all its joys and challenges, to so many via a newsletter.

Nevertheless we realise that in our lack of communication and contact we have neglected you, haven’t communicated the importance of our relationship with you, and haven’t honoured you in the way we want to. So, for this, please forgive us.

In the next couple of blogs we will update you on a few thing that have been happening recently. Some of you will have seen this in our latest newsletter. If you are not on our newsletter mailing list and want to be, please send us an email/message/text and we’ll add you to the list.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support.
We love and value you all.
Ben and Nai