September 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, here we are again! This year seems to be racing by!

It’s been a full couple of months for us. It’s definitely a time of transition and change and in many ways, a new season!

But we’re excited at all that is to come!

With the change of season comes new opportunities if we are willing to embrace them!

Being from England, weather and seasons are a pretty natural topic of conversation! If we’re in Summer – it’s too hot (although not really!), we miss the freshness and flowers of Spring, we miss the rain and colours of Autumn and we miss the cool of Winter and the hot drinks round the fire! With our seasons of the year, it’s all too easy to focus on what we don’t like about the one we’re heading into. Change is hard work to get our head around or uncomfortable as we have gotten used to things! We don’t like what is different from the previous, what we’re without. It’s easy to get stuck on and focused in on what is different in a negative way.

But we could choose to focus on what the new season brings, what good there is to be found in the new.

This could be new opportunities for growth, learning, new relationships, strengthening of vision or beliefs, new adventures, deeper trust and reliance on God, new discoveries.

There’s things to be found in the new season that weren’t there in the last season! We just have to choose to step into it, and to expect, anticipate, look for and embrace the good that is there.

We can move forward with a peace and joy into the new season because there is always beauty to be found!

Much love,
Ben, Nai, Alyssa, and Bump