DTS 2019 Update

As you know we were planning to start our next Justice DTS this month.
Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen changes, we had to postpone the DTS until a later date this year.

At the beginning of December, there were some unforeseen changes to the number of people we were expecting to have available to come and be on staff for our next DTS. Without people to come and staff the DTS we were going to be stuck. We spent the next couple of weeks working hard trying to find more staff but, at such short notice, we couldn’t find anyone to do it. 

After talking and praying about it a lot we decided that the only option we had available was to postpone the DTS as there was no way we could run the DTS as we had planned without the staff we needed. This was obviously very disappointing for us as we had spent so long planning the school and also confusing as to what God’s plan is in this.

We have spoken to each of the students who were planning to come at the end of January, and those were also hard conversations as they were understandably disappointed and left a gap in what they had planned to do for the next half year of their live’s. Thankfully they were very understanding and we have walked them through various other options they could do next. 

As things stand we are hoping to run the DTS again in either April or July depending on if we can recruit some more staff.

Over the last month we have been spending a lot of time talking and praying about this and as we’ve been praying, we feel as though God wants to use this time to really invest in the foundations of Justice Reach as a whole (who we are and what we do) and for us to spend this time seeking Him about the future and where we’re heading. It also gives us the opportunity to get involved in some of the other areas that Justice Reach is involved in such as with the camp for foster kids and our involvement in supporting some local justice focused ministries here in town.