Father Heart of God

This was an awesome week of breakthrough for many of the students.

And an exciting privilege for us to walk through that with them. We talked through the main misconceptions of God as Father…1)He’s angry 2)He’s disappointed 3)He withholds 4)He is hard to please 5)He is boring These things have all been formed by ungodly influences in the past and experiences with their earthly Father etc. It was a time of healing for many and the start of a new season for them to walk into relationship with God as Father. No longer holding back from that intimate relationship of child and God the Father, because of the past. Letting God redefine what that relationship looks like. In our outreach teams we went through steps of repentance – replacing lies with truth and stepping into their identity as children of God. It was a powerful time as they recognised and shared lies that they’d believed about themselves, repented of those, then received forgiveness from God, and rebuked the enemy. We then had the amazing job of helping them replace those lies with truth as a group, as we spoke over them what we saw in them and truth about who they are. Then they were released to speak all those things over themselves. What freedom and release as they declared God’s truth over their lives! It was a special time of God meeting with them and bringing them to the place of stepping more into freedom and their identity in Him.
As outreach leaders it was our job to lead them all through that process. It was such an encouraging and valuable time for us of learning how to walk alongside and release people into truth. How to call people out more into who God made them to be. To call forth hope.

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