What Justice Reach does (other than DTS)

Our vision at Justice Reach is

“to train, equip, and empower people to extend God’s love and hope to their neighbours, especially the vulnerable, by restoring relationships and freeing bondage with God’s truth and to engage meaningfully in areas of social justice.”  

We are committed to people discovering God’s heart of compassion to shape their response to oppression and injustice, both in New Zealand and internationally, giving them tools to bring hope, life, and truth into whatever situation of brokenness God has called them to.  

Practically this means that we are actively involved in our community in Tauranga.  Partnering with local ministries and churches to work in the areas of vulnerable children, abortion, poverty, helplessness, and addictions.   

As Justice Reach we have our own initiative – Ahi Toitoi Manawa – which focuses on working with and supporting foster care families in Tauranga.

Last week ATM were able to run our first week long summer camp for foster kids here in Tauranga. We were able to join in for a couple of days and it was so encouraging to be involved in what was happening.

One thing that was heard on the first day in the girls bunks…

Girl 1 ” My mother isn’t able to take care of me right now, so I live with another family.”
Girl 2 “Really? me too…so does that mean you’re a foster child? So am I.”

Immediate bonding.
Some people ask why we would have a camp just for children in foster care. Can’t they just go to any old camp? Well they could…but foster children have life experiences that others just don’t get and this camp is a place where their experiences are shared, rather than being the odd one that always has to explain their “weird” life.

We train students and staff for effective intercession around justice issues with a regular justice prayer evening.

We train here and internationally in Transformational Development.

We work to support and train two ministries in Uganda, and continue our relationships in Cambodia, Thailand, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands and others.   

We have the Justice DTS developed in a format that empowers our students to be involved personally in the particular area of justice and compassion that God is calling them to.

We also feel God wanting to grow our local connections in Tauranga, to actively restore justice here. As we move forward we plan to expand what we offer the church in training, intercession tools, and practical involvement here in Tauranga.

We also have other ministries we are hoping to support and partner with (youth justice, suicide prevention, domestic violence, awareness for other issues, etc.)

This is just a snap shot of what we do as Justice Reach and if you would like to know more, contact us, and we’d love to talk!